Crosswind Jim and Scott Townsend

Qualifying Round Placements:

1st - Crosswind Jim / Scott Townsend

3rd: True Blue's Jersey Girl / Kara Laraway



John Cullen & Pappy 

2020 Inaugural National Amateur Champion


Another "Congrats" goes to, Duane Ballard and Seger for placing 7th RUNNER UP in this trial.

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39 dogs in the entire NSTRA organization worked hard to qualify for this award. 20 weekend trial points is what it takes to be in the hunt for the Purina Top Performance award, you also have to make it to Saturday in a National Trial OR place well in your Regional Elimination Trial, (hopefully both), to win, or place in the top 4 of the PURINA TOP PERFORMANCE - it sure doesn’t hurt to win a National or two either.

My story with Jimmy started at a dog trial that I was competing in over in the Ohio region. I was there with a string of young dogs that I was looking at, trying to find a replacement for my Micro Chip dog that was forced into retirement at the age of 5 - due to an injury. As I sat in my truck, I watched John Gillespie run a brace with a real young pointer for its first time, if I remember correctly, Jimmy went bird-less! LOL! Which isn't uncommon for a beginner, but what caught my attention was how nice he ran. His run was huge, from one end of the field to other, several times, I was laughing to myself thinking I have had braces like that. Jimmy actually had a couple unproductive finds, so I was able to see him on point and he looked great. As John was coming off the field, I commented to him about his brace and mentioned how nice Jimmy looked and that he was a good-looking prospect. At this time Jimmy was around 10 months old. The trial ended and I went back to Michigan.

It was about a month later the phone rang and it was John. We chatted for a minute and if anyone knows John, he loves to buy, sell and trade - he is outstanding at it! John asked me if I would be interested in buying Jimmy. We talked for a few and I told him I was interested and asked him if he would he give me some time to think about it. He agreed and said he was heading to Kansas to go hunting and had Jimmy with him, he said to "think it over and let him know." I thought on it for a couple days and decided what the heck - I'll give Jimmy a shot.  We were settling on the deal while John was still in Kansas hunting with Jimmy. He had Jimmy on the ground either then or earlier I can't remember exactly, but he said he was looking at the GPS transmitter and Jimmy was around two miles out and still going. I didn't find this out until later, when John was laughing about it, I tell everyone "no wonder I got him so cheap!"

Jimmy had a heck of a run this year! Two national trial wins, (DOY & TOC), a regional win and, just to make sure, a 4th at the QI for a total of 3,250 points. This is his first time placing in Top Performance. Jimmy is a 4X NSTRA Champion out of Mahoney’s Magic Jack. Jimmy won’t be 4 until December and he has a lot of trialing ahead of him. We are sure to see him again. 


Scott Townsend and Crosswind Jim

for winning 3rd RUNNER UP in the
2019 Quail Invitational at Lake Wales, FL.


1st - True Blue's Jersey Girl & Kara Laraway

1st - Crosswind Banger & Andre Smith

1st - Crosswind Lets Hatchet Out & Thadd Townsend

2nd - Crosswind Jim & Scott Townsend

3rd - Crosswinds Rawhide Kaiser

4th - True Blue's Jersey Girl & Kara Laraway

4th - Crosswind Jim & Scott Townsend